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Black Jack Fig | Dave Wilson Nursery Large, purplish-brown figs with sweet, juicy, strawberry-red flesh. Naturally small (semi-dwarf) tree.

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BLACK JACK FIG (Ficus carica ‘Black Jack’) SKU: 4001276 Categories: Deciduous , Fruit , Trees The BLACK JACK FIG (also known as “Ficus carica ‘Black Jack'”) is a(n) Deciduous in the Fruit class and part of our Trees department. Ficus carica 'Black Jack' (Black Jack Fig) - Medium growing bushy deciduous broadleaf shrub / tree - height 15 to 25 feet - spread 15 to 25 feet - full sun. ... Plant Catalog Trees Fruit Trees Ficus carica 'Black Jack' (Black Jack Fig) Search. Ficus carica 'Black Jack' (Black Jack Fig) Medium growing bushy deciduous broadleaf shrub / tree - height 15 to 25 feet - spread 15 to 25 feet ... FIG ficus carica 'Black Jack' | Evergreen Nursery

Fig fruit is an important food source for much of the fauna in some areas, and the tree owes its expansion to those that feed on its fruit. The common fig tree also sprouts from the root and stolon tissues. The infructescence is pollinated by a symbiosis with a fig wasp (Blastophaga psenes).

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Santa Rosa Plum Tree | Buy at Nature Hills Nursery Popular, Heat-Tolerant Plum Tree Santa Rosa Plum tree is a deciduous, fruit-bearing tree with a lovely and delicious harvest. Plant one in the front yard where your friends and neighbors can share in the beauty of its blooms and gorgeous … Rare Fig Tree/Cutting Sales|NJ|Rumson, Monmouth County Fruit-producing fig trees, known botanically as the Ficus carica species, can be grown successfully even in New Jersey (NJ) in large containers such as wine barrels Sal's Fig Plant - 10-12" Minimum - MySeeds.Co Mediterranean FIG Incense - Vibrant blend of sweet, sun-ripened fig accented with apricot - Natural Premium Incense By Oakland Gardens $8.00

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Similar fruit to Brown Turkey Fig Drought tolerant and cold hardy A wonderful container plant. Zones 7-10 Click here ... Black Jack Fig ... SHIPPING. TREE SIZES. Black Jack Potted Fig Tree (Dwarf) -

Rated 5 out of 5 by Cornsilk from Healthy Little Tree I purchased my fig tree last summer. It arrived as a twig with a few leaf buds, just as one would expect of a new tree. I was glad for that since the bigger the tree, the more stress shipping places on it. Black Jack Fig - $32.95 : Trees of Antiquity Whereas Black Mission fig tree is a large tree when full grown, the Black Jack Fig tree remains a small spreading tree making it popular for small gardens. The Black Jack fig tree is also smart choice for container growing. Our Fig trees are generally 2-3 feet in height when shipped. If sold out, consider Violette De Bordeaux fig tree as an ... Black Jack Fig - Harvest Nursery Black Jack Fig bears large crops of large, dark purple skinned figs with sweet, rich, flavorful, dark purplish red flesh. Naturally smaller tree makes it good for container growing, small spaces or anywhere you want a smaller tree. Chicago Hardy Fig Tree | Buy at Nature Hills Nursery Chicago Hardy Fig can produce up to 100 pints of Fig fruit per season and are easily grown and maintained. While it thrives outdoors, this Fig tree will even succeed when potted and brought inside during the colder season. Chicago Hardy Fig Trees, which prefer full or partial sun, are high-yielding, self-fruiting and ever so easy to grow.